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A forum is a place where you can share ideas, ask questions, make suggestions, or find help and support. The forum allows you to monitor different discussions that may interest you so you will receive an email alert every time that a new post is made to that discussion. You can post an interesting article or website that you found that might help others or share new ideas and technology.You can also attach smaller files to your post if you need to share information etc. 

The thought behind the forum is to bring the EagleEyes community together. EagleEyes is growing nationwide and we want everyone to have the support they need from others in the EagleEyes community. If you can't find what you need, start a new post or discussion to start the process.

At first the forum will be slower to start but the more discussion that happens the more useful it will become. Don't be afraid to post a random idea or hope. It may be several months before you receive a reply, but if you post your thoughts, ideas and questions they won't be forgotten or lost. It also becomes a way to keep all the great ideas and information in one accessible place for everyone to benefit from.

If you have any suggestions on how to improve the forum, please feel free to share them with us.

Discussion Categories:

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Let everyone know about events,accomplishments, or other special announcements.

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Medical and other professionals.

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EagleEyes Suggestions

Suggestions for upgrades, improvements, new uses and other innovation for the EagleEyes system.

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EagleEyes Technical Support

Questions and discussion about using the EagleEyes system.

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Principals, teachers and assistants utilizing EagleEyes with their students.

EagleEyes Eye Controlled Mouse in Schools
By Debbie Inkley on July 2, 2014
1 1

General Chat

General discussion that applies to everyone in the EagleEyes community.

How do you use EagleEyes?
By Debbie Inkley on April 8, 2014
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Parents and Relatives

Support and discussion for Parents and Relatives of EagleEyes users.

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Related Service Providers

Other service providers related to EagleEyes or people with disabilities.

Eye Gaze at Adult Day Care Centers
By Debbie Inkley on July 2, 2014
1 1

Software Program Ideas

Share your ideas for new software such as games, educational programs or other activities that could help EagleEyes users.

Free Computer Board Maker Program
By Debbie Inkley on July 2, 2014
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Suggestions for the Forum and Website

Suggest improvements for the website and forums or suggest a new forum category.

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Volunteers and Facilitators

People facilitating EagleEyes Training and Volunteering

Volunteers to Work with Individuals with Special Needs
By Debbie Inkley on July 2, 2014
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Herbi Speaks Questions

Ask questions or make suggestions for Herbi Speaks Board Maker

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