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EagleEyes Eye Controlled Mouse in Schools

July 2, 2014 at 4:01 PM

EagleEyes eye controlled mouse and eye gaze system is used in schools in a variety of ways. One system can accommodate as many users as needed. Some schools have a designated EagleEyes room for the child to be alone without distractions. Another school uses it in the classroom so the other kids can watch and wait for their turn. It is a way for them to be the star of the show.

EagleEyes can open the world to education, communication and recreation. As a general mouse replacement, EagleEyes can be used with commercially available board makers and other mouse driven programs. It can also be used with many online activities and subscriptions such as Starfall or other online resources.

EagleEyes is a great alternative to infrared eye tracking devices. EagleEyes does not require the user to hold their head still or in a specific position. EagleEyes can be used standing up, laying down, sitting down, head tilted sideways or any other way you can think. (even upside down if you want) The user can use their head and eye movement to move the mouse cursor.

If you have tried an infrared device without success, EagleEyes may be the answer you are looking for. EagleEyes may even be used as a gateway device to prepare an individual to be able to transition to an infrared device.