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2 Families Receive EagleEyes

Posted by Debbie Inkley on August 19, 2010

Danielle, London, Debbie and the Jugert Family

During this season of giving and thanks my family has received many blessings one of which was an EagleEyes system. We received this wonderful gift full of opportunities from a very special little girl named London Bowman. London and her amazing family were able to raise enough money for London's EagleEyes system as well as one for our son, Caleb. London and her mother Danielle have not only gifted us EagleEyes but also friendship.

She and the Opportunity Foundation of America (OFOA) are helping to change lives one of which is my sons. Our family is so thankful to have the Bowman family and the Foundation in our lives. OFOA is giving my son a chance to play and communicate when we thought he might never have that chance. Watching the excitement on Caleb's face is something my family will be able to share with him for a long time.

Gretchen Jungert Caleb's Mom