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Abbie's Story

Posted by Debbie Inkley on November 15, 2011

Abbie Doran

Abbie's five and a half year journey on the road to recovery has been a difficult, painful and bumpy road with many obstacles and zigzags. The miracle of EagleEyes, the growth, love, generosity and compassion of Professor Jim Gips, Maureen Gates, the Opportunity Foundation of America and the many loving mothers and fathers who have dedicated their lives to helping their special children is the same miracle as Abbie's emerging recovery. We all understand that there is whole person with a thinking mind and feelings inside the restricted bodies of those we love. We parents fight for the recognition and the rights of our children and Professor Gips and the Opportunity Foundation of America have given us a tool that will help us and our children to fight against the ignorance of those who believe that our children are empty shells who would be better off dead. EagleEyes allows our children the joy of success when their eyes movements allow them to play games, paint, kick a soccer ball, and begin to make sentences with their computers using communication boards. EagleEyes is giving us a tool to add more light and goodness into the world and to push back the fear and darkness that allows healthy people, courts, schools and employers to attempt to hide from and ignore the severely disables. EagleEyes restore our childrens' humanity and dignity.

Susan Cohen
Mother of Abbie Doran