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Jacob's EagleEyes

Posted by Debbie Inkley on September 14, 2015

August 31, 2015

My name is Christina Sahota and I have had the privilege of working with Opportunity of

America Foundation for the last three months.  We were recently introduced to the

EagleEyes Device via social media.  As I researched this amazing technology I

immediately applied for our 15 year old son Jacob to see if he was a possible candidate

I was very unsure if this would work for him since Jacob is cortically blind and has no

central vision due to a traumatic brain injury during birth caused by Congenital

Hydrocephalus.  Jacob is also afflicted with Cerebral Palsy, Epilepsy, overall

neurological delays and is nonverbal. We were told several times by different

ophthalmologists, Jacob is legally blind because he had no central vision.  However, we

were also told he may have of some slight peripheral vision based on the type of cortical

blindness he has, but since he cannot verbally communicate it was nearly impossible to

know.  This all changed the first time we connected him to an EagleEyes system.

The day we hooked Jacob up for the first time it was immediately apparent Jacob had

more vision than we realized. He immediately recognized the cause and effect

dimensions presented by the EagleEyes programs and loved the immediacy of the

musical and audio feedback.

Jacob has continued to improve his skill as his eyes get stronger and the cause and effect

theme is reinforced. To put this in perspective, nearly two years ago, Jacob suffered a

severe medical event which brought him to the brink of death. He was hospitalized over a

month and suffered a severe neurological setback. His recovery from this event has been

long and arduous but I am convinced the EagleEyes system has accelerated his recovery.

This system is not just a tool to help him improve but since it is fun and entertaining too,

Jacob actually looks forward to using it.

Jacob is so excited to be connected to the system and gets very frustrated if we take too

long to hook him up. His eyes are getting stronger and we have noticed him paying more

attention to the television, the I-pads, his environment and really showing signs of

intentional observation (I.E. he will pull his sister closer so he can see her I-pad screen).

His vision and eye strength have improved to such a degree that we were able to take

Jacob to the movies with his brother and sister for the first time in five years! I watched

him as he used his limited vision to follow the movements on the movie screen and react

to both movement and color variations (light/dark).

We are so pleased with this system and feel so incredibly lucky to have discovered it.

This system provides such incredible neurological stimulation and Jacobs’s whole team

feels we are only scratching the tip of the iceberg regarding the possibilities EagleEyes

In closing, we are so blessed to have discovered this amazing technology for our son and

are so excited what the future holds for Jacob.