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Justin’s Story

Posted by Debbie Inkley on July 20, 2016

When we first saw the documentary on EagleEyes in June of 2015, it seemed tailor made for our son and we immediately contacted The Opportunity Foundation of America, eager to give it a try. We attended the EagleEyes Training not really knowing what to expect in terms of his capabilities and we were elated when he started blasting aliens! Since then, it’s been wonderful watching him discover the power of using his eyes. In addition to playing games for enjoyment, he uses EagleEyes to make choices by targeting the desired icon on the screen. It’s still relatively early days and we don’t know if he’ll progress to a more complex communication system, but we now have the technology to explore software programs that were previously out-of- reach. As a fun experiment, we recently used the Herbi Speaks software, introduced to us by The Opportunity Foundation of America, to create custom “buttons” on the screen containing words instead of the icons he’s accustomed to. The three buttons were “I” “love” and “you”. We thought he would randomly explore the buttons and we were beyond ecstatic when moved from left to right in a seemingly purposeful way to say “I love you” for the first! WOW, what a gift!

Judy Lee, Justin’s Mom

May 5 th , 2016