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Kate Loves EagleEyes

Posted by Debbie Inkley on April 16, 2012

Kate.jpgWe are thrilled about the EagleEyes technology we were recently able to get for our sweet little daughter Kate.  Kate was born with undiagnosed brain damage that started some time in the womb.  After many consultations with doctors after her birth, the doctors have been unable to determine what caused the injury but feel that it may possibly be a rare genetic disorder.  Because of the injury to her brain, Kate currently has multiple disabilities.  She is unable to walk or use her hands, arms, or legs for function, and is confined to a wheelchair.  She is also unable to communicate verbally, although her vision has improved since birth.  Kate is a happy three year old girl, but has challenges that keep her from enjoying activities that her siblings and other children enjoy. 

Last year, we were able to watch “”Turning Point” on television and learn about EagleEyes and the amazing technology that it is for children like Kate.  And just recently, we received our own EagleEyes for Kate.  It is amazing to watch her be intrigued and pay attention by the games and the music and the scenes on the computer.  The first time we hooked it up to her to see if she would enjoy it, she spent a whole hour focusing and being thrilled by the system.  This kind of attention from Kate was not something that we were able to see before!  It was very touching to see it bring such joy to our little daughter.  We look forward to the future with the EagleEyes program and what it may hold for Kate, and for the chance that she will have to play everyday on her system. 


We are thankful for those who love children with disabilities, and see them as the amazing people that they are, and who have helped develop this amazing technology to improve their quality of life.  What a blessing EagleEyes is!

Written by Shannan Hoffman 

Kate’s Mom