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Stacey and Skyler Battle

Posted by Debbie Inkley on September 15, 2014

Andrew @ TURN (2) doc.jpgThis summer OFOA had the opportunity to work with TURN Community Services and their adult day programs. Our favorite story came from the Midvale Utah facility. 

In the picture you can see Stacey and Skyler. Skyler was an EagleEyes user and Stacey was a Camera Mouse user. We set them up side by side on different computers and let them race each other to shoot Aliens. When we told Skyler that Stacey was winning him, he suddenly stopped smiling, focused on his screen and started blasting aliens as fast as he could. 

In the end Stacey still won, and they were still friends. For that 5 minutes they were just two people playing a game against each other and enjoying the companionship of each other's company. This is a great example of the freedom that this technology can bring to so many lives.