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Team of Advocates for Special Kids Technology E-Newsletter

Posted by Debbie Inkley on December 11, 2012

EagleEyes was mentioned in the Team of Advocates for Special Kids Technology E-Newsletter.

In this edition, I want to start by telling you about a wonderful piece of assistive technology that I have recently had the pleasure of trying out with an awesome kiddo and friend of TASK. The technology is called EagleEyes. Read on for more information:


The Opportunity Foundation of America EagleEyes Project
Developed by Professor James Gips, the purpose of the EagleEyes Project is to help people with severe disabilities develop and be educated to their fullest by enabling them to access the computer. The EagleEyes project works with people, mainly children and young adults, who cannot speak and can move only their eyes or head. EagleEyes allows people to control the computer by moving only their eyes. EagleEyes works through five electrodes placed on the person's head.
EagleEyes is for children and adults who are most often nonverbal, paralyzed and have at most a "yes/no" method of communicating or are completely locked in. Some of the diagnoses that fall into this category are stroke, traumatic brain injury, Rett syndrome, spinal muscular atrophy, severe cerebral palsy and neurological disorders.
Note from Laura: Ron Williams, the EagleEyes Project's Director of Training and Education, flew out from Utah to train a family that TASK has worked with for many years. The Algario family and Ron Williams graciously allowed me to attend the training sessions for their son Caysen. Please go to the video link that Deborah Algario made of Caysen using his new device. I am hoping that we will be able to obtain funding soon to purchase a device for our TASK families to use in the TECH Center. I am looking forward to working with the Opportunity Foundation and EagleEyes.

Laura Simmons-Martinez

Technology Project Director

Team of Advocates for Special Kids

Learn more about Task at http://taskca.org/abouttask.html