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Willy and Mike

Posted by Debbie Inkley on May 3, 2011


Willy and Mike


A little over three years ago I was introduced to Willy Winch. Willy is a student at Jordan Valley School and a bright young man who has the coolest laugh in the world. Our paths crossed through EagleEyes and the Opportunity Foundation of America (OFOA). Willy and I started using EagleEyes in a small room at the school and over three years later we have created Willy's EE team that includes Mary Murphy, her daughter Madison, Olga Sandoval and myself. We started our journey with the Paint and Aliens Games and have progressed forward to matching and targeting.

That's the EagleEyes side of our relationship now for the most important part of the relationship…the friendship part. I have gotten to know a young man that I have never had verbal communication with. I have learned how Willy says "yes" and how he say "no", how he loves the "mouse video" and how he loves girls. I have met Willy's Mom Kat and many other teachers at Jordan Valley School and I have learned how much they love their students or I should say their "kids". Jordan Valley is a magical place. Every few weeks I get to visit, work with EagleEyes and Willy and see my new friends. EagleEyes and OFOA have given me opportunities. The opportunity to meet wonderful service oriented people and the opportunity to make a difference.

Mike Carmody
EE Volunteer